Tableau Infractus #12 released

The Tableau Infractus Issue #12 contains:

  • Some Q & A from the readers
  • Skinoire: The Art of Magic on Flesh
  • A Lifetime Calling: An interview with James Sutton
  • Earthdawn Miniatures Gallery: Creatures of Earthdawn
  • Talent & Skill Cards: Four color Editable Cards for use with your games
  • Submission Guidelines & Style Guide or how to get published in Tableau Infractus


cover issue 12

I especially recommend to read this issue because of the interview with James Sutton. Great interview again. The editable Talent & Skill cards were made by Polish Earthdawn fan Kosmit, on the basis of Ajfel’s concept artwork. In my opinion one of the most useful fan creations for Earthdawn since a long time. Great stuff!!

2 Response to "Tableau Infractus #12 released"

  1. Drucifer says:

    Wow, a Go to Hell...

    Wish I knew what it was about the issue that caused so strong a feeling.

    Mordom says:

    If it, the troll, really had a problem, it would have left a comment. I guess you don't need to worry about a click of a troll.

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