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Interesting crowd funding RPG projects – A short overview

Since the rise crowd funding platforms, many interesting projects came up on various platforms like Kickstarter, or Startnext (German), to name just a few. By pledging to these projects you’ll receive a version of the final product, depending on the amount you spend and on reaching the pledging goal (As most of you’ll already know).

It quickly became clear that this type of financing is almost ideal for Roleplayers to realize their wishes, products and ideas, but of course not only to them.

Small RPG tools are mostly easy to fund, that’s why a lot of interesting creative projects were already funded, for example the DungeonMorph Dice by Inkwell Ideas. But still new, interesting projects are introduced and question for help to fund them.

That’s why I came across some interesting projects during the last few weeks, which are related to Roleplaying (I preferably have a look at these of course). Well, most projects are initiated by or particularly directed to Roleplayers and as I didn’t want to report about every single project one after one, I thought it could be helpful to provide a short overview of some recent ideas and projects. So here we go.


Professional MP3 Background Loops for Role-Playing Games

Sick of bad background sound, your GM is using? Well then:

Add professional background sound to your table top role-playing game.


ePIC Generator – A hero portrait generator

As I recently reported, the ePIC Generator was initiated to be funded at by Sade. The goal is to create a portrait generator, where you can easily equip your character with various items, clothes and stuff. Seriously, have a look:


Radio Rollenspiel (German)

This is a German project, initiated by Marcus Richter at the German platform Startnext. If the interactive radio drama gets funded (it actually already is), it will be broadcast and published under cc-license, according to their plans.

Practice your German:

Ein Radiorollenspiel ist ein interaktives Hörspiel, bei dem die Hörer die Hauptrollen spielen und Einfluß auf die Geschichte nehmen können. Wir wollen ein solches Radiorollenspiel planen, schreiben, produzieren und im Programm des Radiosenders aufführen.

Ok, ok there you go:

The Radiorollenspiel is an interactive radio drama, in which the listeners play the main roles and are able to influence the story. We want to plan, write, produce and perform such a radio drama via the radio station


Toolcards : Fantasy GM Cards

Another interesting Kickstarter project to create easy-to-use cards that inspire the GameMaster to run adventures.


World of Classcraft

Last but definitely not least, a soon to come project on Kickstarter to create a free online version of the game World of Classcraft created by Shawn Young. World of Classcraft game? WHAT?

World of Classcraft is an educational augmented-reality multiplayer role-playing game. Played in the classroom, students play as one of three classes, gaining awesome powers, while risking a terrible death.
Students gain experience points for good actions and take damage for bad actions. As they gain experience points, students level up and gain powers that can be used in the classroom.

Translation of an Earthdawn fanwork

Poland fanbook Kronika Skradzunych LegendI recently got in touch with Piotr again who wrote the Earthdawn shard “Ship of Tears”. Piotr took a look at the Polish fanwork “Kronika Skradzionych Legend”, which was already mentioned in the Earthdawn World Wide series about Poland.

Oh wait what do I tell you, he didn’t take a look, he translated most of it into English! In his recent “Open-call” on the Earthdawn Compendium forum, Piotr describes what he accomplished so far, but also requests some help.

So if you are a native English speaker and want to help to create some new Earthdawn fan stuff in English, head over to the forum post of piotrus to learn more about his project.

Epic Generator – A hero portrait generator – UPDATE

Sade hasn’t been idle since her last project, which brought us the iRPG app. Based on the principle of the well known Hero Generator, Sade comes up with a less cartoonish hero-portrait-generator called the ePIC Generator. The idea is to simply select items to equip your character from the picture pool Sade has created. ArmorItems and equipment can be assigned to the following parts:

  • head/skin
  • hair
  • top
  • pants
  • boots
  • full sets
  • misc category 1 (wings, etc)
  • misc category 2 (belt bag, scrolls, etc)
  • misc category 3 (tiara, horns, halo, etc)
  • left hand
  • right hand

Backgrounds, companions, like animals and creatures, as well as frames can be added too.

Sade told me that the generator will be available as a downloadable PC program and an Android and iOS version will be released too. The program will come in a free (limited) and a paid version. The first version will contain human male and human female base bodies. The second version will come with some more add-ons for humans and dwarf male and dwarf female base bodies (maybe those will already be included in the first release).

The following pictures give you an impression of how the interface (Sade: “UI will look completely different in the final version”) and what the result of your hero could look like:

Female warriorhorse companiondragon companion


blue dragon ladyfemale_dwarfwarrior with frame

At this point of the project, Sade has already created a lot of equipment pictures to choose from (like human female top wardrobe pictures), but the program itself is not available yet. I read sth. about the hope of a release at July.

However, if you want to know more about the ePIC Generator or give some feedback, head over to, where SaDe regularly posts example heroes and informs about the status of the project.

Sade is also running polls on the Facebook page of the ePIC Generator to find out what you want to see in the upcoming generator. So don’t hesitate to send her your suggestions about special items or anything else you want to see in the final program.

I will update this article as soon as the beta test or a RC phase starts.

Update April 14th 2013

ePIC Character Image Generator _ Indiegogo

Sade initiated a project on where you can support and help to fund the ePIC Generator.

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