Editable Earthdawn character sheets

UPDATE 8th September 2013

Thanks to UglyGoblin, the creator of the character sheets, I can present you the original sheet in a new "scroll"-look. The text fields of the scroll character sheet can't be edited yet. The original sheets were updated and received new user rights and can now be saved with Acrobat Reader too. Thanks for the comments. Here is the redesigned (currently non editable) sheet:
Scroll- design sheet
2013-09-06 19_13-Character sheet 3ed_scroll
As I recently updated the downloads section, I realized that the Earthdawn Blog provided only once an Earthdawn character sheet. Now the “old” editable Third Edition Earthdawn character sheet gets accompany by the sheet that UglyGoblin sent me. And as I prefer editable sheets I “simply” made it editable.
The PDF’s are based on the original 3rd edition character sheet and comes in two versions. One has the D12 dice table and the other has the D20 based dice table on it. All the fields and boxes can be edited.

At the bottom of first page are 6 fields to count whatever you need. The sheet also has five slots for elixirs, 10 slots for blood magic and it contains three big fields for discipline abilities descriptions of the character. Have a look at the two character sheets.

D12 dice table sheet
D20 dice table sheet
D12_charachter_sheet D20_character_sheet
By the way: Don’t miss the Earthdawn Character Background sheet

Earthdawn campaign “Heroes Unchained” named campaign of the month

The Earthdawn campaign “Heroes Unchained” is written by Asaraludu and his group on Obsidian Portal and was named September ‘13 Campaign of the month (CotM).

Obsidian Portal?

Well, the Obsidian Portal offers a lot of features for Players and Gamemasters to keep track of the story and character progression, document events (journal) and to provide information of RPG campaigns. Functions like an easy wiki building, the compatibility with any game system, adventure tracking and all of that for free, makes it a great choice for RPG groups.

That’s the place where Asaraludu and his group document their Earthdawn campaign “Heroes Unchained” now quite for a while and as far as I can see the award for CotM is well deserved.

A very interesting interview with Asaraludu was published on the blog of Obsidian Portal “Words In The Dark”, where he provides some very interesting tips, talks about the history of the campaign and recommends some further services for virtual tabletop gaming and online sessions. Like the service Roll20.net, which was completely unknown to me since I read his interview. If you are you already using Roll20, you might be interested in the old school styled maps provided by Matt Jackson.

Finally I can only say: congratulations for the award and thanks for the great Earthdawn campaign (although I just read up on a few chapters….)

Josh Harrison – New Earthdawn Line Developer @ FASA

Read the news? The most recent Earthdawn news can be read at Loremerchant.com and on Google+:

Josh Harrison has been offered and has accepted the Line Developer position for Earthdawn. I wasn’t able to find an official announcement @ FASA, but I think Josh doesn’t spread the news without reason.


I am honestly excited to read, that one guy of the “Crew” takes the position of Earthdawn Line Developer. His long relation to Earthdawn makes him a great choice and brings a fresh breeze to the Earthdawn Revised Edition (as far as I can judge...). I wish him all the best in his new position and am looking forward to further Earthdawn news, when things are ready for announcement. But for now: Earthdawn lives and maybe great things are looming @ FASA.


The “who’s who” article at FASA officially confirms the news.

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