Cathay map is back

The Cathay map was offline for a short time when RedBrick “moved”. That’s why the link at the download section was gone too. But thanks to Kathy Schad who gave Drucifer her permission to showcase the map(s) on his Carthography gallery, I can tell you:

The Cathay map is back

Cathay maps
Update Sept 2014:
The Cathay map can also be found at the FASA download section

Awesome dice!!

I am roleplaying now for years and sometimes I start to look for new dice. Even if I already possess a lot of dice, like the Q-workshop Earthdawn dice, I was often looking for Gamescience precision dice. Well, to cut a long story short, I was really surprised when I got contacted by Brian from as he asked for a little shout-out for their shop. Why I was surprised? Cause I saw Gamescience dice on their page that were not out of stock, like in many other shops! So, sooner or later I got to order some, it’s as simple as that.

Have a look at the Awesome Dice shop:


Awesome Dice are blogging over here. One of the many interesting articles there, that caught my attention, is for example the History of Dice article.

New Earthdawn App – Earthdawn Battle Master for Android

Information, Information!!

Yes Earthdawn news again, but just in short. I want to inform you about the Earthdawn Battle Master App for Android.

I don’t want to start a discussion about the use of Apps for RPG’s in general , but at least I have to inform you about the App. Btw I ‘d have to inform you about a lot more Earthdawn stuff, but not in this short article.

So what’s the Earthdawn Battle Master about?

The author (tnt8) describes the main features as:

It is designed for game masters to easily confront players with a group of hostile NPCs, by removing the burden of managing all of the numbers manually. You can define new characters/species, create various groups of fighters, roll their initiative, roll attacks and give them damage.



Version 1.0:
- Species Creator: Ability to define a simple character by setting up attributes, physical and spell armor and two attacks.
- Battle manager: Ability to create multiple groups of fighting units, roll their initiative, attack and damage. All units can receive damage following the Earthdawn rules.

Well give the Earthdawn Battle Master a try. The App is very well programmed, the design and the usability is great. Graphics come from Kathy Schad, no wonder……….

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