Red Brick Interview

After the Spiel '08 in Essen (Germany) is over, I was waiting for the Interviews from DORP-TV. Last year I posted an interview with Dammi in german, but I realized that its kinda unuseful for my english readers and for Red Brick too. So I contacted Dammi and Scorpio from DORP-TV and asked them to make an interview in english.

Today I discovered Dammi's new blog post Spiel '08 Recap and there you can find links to interviews in german and english, that were made at the Spiel '08. Great stuff!!!

Over here the english interview:

New quiz

I found a new and better way to built quizzes via and so I transformed the old quizzes and made them available again. You can perform the old quizzes over HERE. I hope you like the new look of the quizzes. Enjoy and good luck.

Gamemaster guide "Spielleiten" from Dominic Wäsch

First: I apologize for making a post in german! But I have to tell the german players about the book "Spielleiten" from Dominic Wäsch, that is published by Red Brick. The book is in german and it represents a manual for gamemasters. For all of you who want a similar book in english should have a look at the book of Robin D. Laws "Robin's Laws of good gamemastering" or the Gamemaster Law PDF that is available at DriveThru. I guess you will discover other gamemaster guides if you google it. But the book from Dominic Wälsch is one of the few (or the only?) in german language.

Hallo erstmal, dies wird einer der wenigen Posts auf Deutsch werden, soviel schonmal vorweg.

Wie ihr sicher auf gelesen habt wird auf der Spiel '08 das Buch von Dominic Wäsch "Spielleiten" erstmals zum kauf angeboten. Aber natürlich müsst ihr nicht unbedingt nach Essen fahren, um eure Finger auf das Buch legen zu können und zu schwören: "Ich werde immer versuchen ein guter, ehrlicher und aufrechter Spielleiter zu sein, so wahr mir Odin helfe." Nein! Das Buch wird über, RPGNow und DriveThruRPG vertrieben und ist somit als PDF oder gebunden für euch auf schnellem Wege griffbereit.

Ich muss selbst sagen, daß ich als äußerst professioneller Gamemaster eigentlich keinen Gebrauch für solch ein Buch habe *grins*. Trotzdem juckt es mich schon es zu lesen, wer weiß vielleicht bin ich ja beim Spielleiten doch nicht so vollkommen, wie ich es mir gerade ausmale (alles ist eben subjektiv).

Also was fehlt noch für die Kaufentscheidung? Richtig, eine Rezension.

Und jene habe ich soeben beim Rollenspiel Almanach entdeckt. Macht euch am besten selbst ein Bild der REZENSION. Die Vorschau zum Inhaltsverzeichnis des Buches findet ihr HIER.

Combat Cards

Earthdawn Combat Cards were made by EDPT and provide a very good way for gamemasters to have a quick overview about creature statistics. But thats not all, the downloadable PDF below provides some blank cards to be filled with your own characters or other NPC's the players encounter in your campaign.

I want to make these Combat Cards package freely available for you all again because EDPT is still offline and I think those cards are a good tool to have an overview about statistics of several enemy's, creatures or NPC's.

Notice that I will delete and redirect this download to EDPT when it is online again.

Dice Software Update

My research for Earthdawn dice software was.......I would call it "incomplete". But Arma left a comment about another diceroller and Elidis contacted me to provide some other dicerollers, that are especially made for use in Earthdawn.

1. The one that Arma mentioned in his post was the second step diceroller (mirror). The second step and also the second step diceroller were made by Lars Gottlieb and his mates. Thanks go to Denmark.

2. This diceroller is simply called "Earthdawn Step Roller" (mirror) and that's what it does.

3. Last but not least, if you always forget which dice you have to use at step 200, then just have a look at the step calculator (mirror). Then you realise that you will roll with 9D20 1D12 9D10 8D8. JIHA bring on Verji!!!!!!

I have to admit that I don't know the programmers of the "Step Dice Calculator" neither of the "Earthdawn Step Roller", if the producers of those programs visit this site, please contact me.

If you want to download all three dice programs at once, click HERE (mirror)

Thanks go to arma and Elidis (once again).


Another diceroller especially designed for earthdawn, was sent to me a few days ago. This java based diceroller gives you the possibility to choose the race and add karma dices to your step you roll. Just check is out, its one of the best dicerollers for earthdawn so far. This java diceroller was programmed by Kjetil Wiekhorst Jørgensen from Norway in 1996, thanks to him.

Dice Software

Well, when I read an article at Rollenspiel Almanach about a flash based dice generator, I wanted to know if there were some that fit to Earthdawn. Unfortunately most I've found are based on D&D, but they can also be used for Earthdawn.

I have to admit that I really hate this form of rolling dice, actually its not rolling dice, its clicking dice. But I can't judge about the rest of the Earthdawn players out there, so if you need a quick dice roller on you pc, have a look at those programs:

1. This flash based dice generator from goku87 is in my opinion the neatest you can find. It displays the dice that are rolled and doesn't just spit out numbers from its algorithm. This will serve all your needs, you can even select multiple dice to roll. From a D4 to D100.

DiceLite by ~goku87 on deviantART

Another very nice interface is provided by this D&D dice roller that I discovered at But you can't roll multiple dices and even there is no sum result shown. It's available as an online version if you prefer to roll your dice online or as a setup version.

The next I discovered at the downloadsection of and it has the option to add all rolls together. It's very simple done and not very eyecatching, but it works and provides a quick way to roll your virtual dice.

To use those programs in your Earthdawn campaign one thing is still missing. Being able to roll the maximum result of the dice again. But its only one click away to reach your goal. Another thing that is not included by now is the sound your dice produce when you throw them long and far (waiting, hoping) across the table.

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