Earthdawn Spell Cards

Yesterday I discovered those Earthdawn Spell Cards on the RedBrick forum. This great fanwork made by Maskhim shows again what the Earthdawn community stands for, from fans for fans.
I got the permission of Maskhim to upload his files. He made two versions of his spellcards with sheets of 2x2 and 3x3 cards on it, but see for yourself.
I just published this post as I received message of Maskhim that he recently added some new landscape spell cards that got a different layout and are more graphical, but again see for yourself. Note all cards are editable!!!

Maskhim just published on the Earthdawn forum his translation of the Earthdawn Spellcards. Now you can download a german and a polish version of the Earthdawn Spellcards!

If you like to use cards in your Earthdawn game, maybe you should have a look at the Combat Cards

Preview of Q-Workshop’s Astral Dice Set

I already reported about the 10th birthday Birthday Cake of The competition of their jubilee offers the winners incredible prizes, as I already mentioned also the yet unavailable Astral dice of Q-Workshop. I received some preview pictures of the prizes (thx to Sethariel).




And what do we, as experienced Earthdawn fans, discover immediately? Closer look?




Yes! As the title says, previews of Q-Workshop’s new Astral dice. Closer look?




Unfortunately I can’t offer a review of the dice about their luminosity in the dark. But I guess one day I’ll hold them in my hands and then you’ll get to know more about the dice. Until then you have to live with those preview pictures…… aren’t they pretty? ………Tongue out

Immortal Twilight

Today I received the long awaited Earthdawn novel “Immortal Twilight”, sequel to “Dark Shadows of Yesterday”. I ordered it on 4th October, so it took LULU 9 days to print and sent it to Germany, what is very acceptable. The quality of the book is great, but after the first look I realized that there are no illustrations inside, hey why?, ok excepting the map of Daylen Jagaro.


Even this time the right book is under the cover Winking (?) and I gonna read the 305 pages with pleasure and a dictionary on hand. Yes, my English isn’t good enough for some special expressions Hank uses in his books, but I improve with every book. Tschaka.

Link Advice #2

If you know further good links that should enter the next Link Advice, please email me.

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