Earthdawn Artwork Galleries

As I was searching the net for recent Earthdawn news I stumbled up a lot of Earthdawn artwork galleries that I want to share with you:

Earthdawn gallery  @ Sade

This is the site of Sade from hungary. The huge collection of Earthdawn artwork contains illustrations from present and former Earthdawn artists like Laubenstein, Janet Aulisio, Kent Burles or Kathy Schad. Beside the collection of artist illustrations you can find a category about maps from all over Barsaive.

Earthdawn art gallery

Earthdawn gallery

An Earthdawn gallery about the japanese Earthdawn edition can be found at the french Earthdawn page

The provides a huge collection of the japanese Earthdawn artwork that is quite different from every other artwork you could find out there:

With the new Earthdawn 4th edition came a lot of new artwork into several books. This artwork was done by new artists that, I think, need to be mentioned too:

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