Character background sheet

A new player joins your group and he/she never played Earthdawn before. You pass him/her information about Earthdawn, the world, the history, the Namegivers and so on. And of course he/she creates a character.

To encourage the player to reflect the characters history and get a feeling for his character’s attitude I made a questionnaire from several sources that provides Earthdawn specific questions that help to flesh out an Earthdawn character.


Beside those questions that help to build your characters history it is important that you give your character several personality traits. A choice of personality traits is given in the sourcebooks chapter “Character Creation”.

If you have already built your own questionnaire and want to add something, just leave a comment.

And the winners are!

The 3 Google Wave accounts for the commenters go to:

  1. seaofstarsrpg
  2. Deinol
  3. Shannon

The other 2 invites for my followers go to:

  1. MkaY
  2. Asaraludu

Congratulation! I would have given all of you an invitation but made my decision much easier.

I gonna contact the winners. If some of the winners aren’t contacted soon, please let me know.

“Wave” your hands up high!

Wave? High? What’s going on?


Today I received my invitation for Google Wave. For all those who never heard of it watch this info video.


But that’s not all, I additionally received further invitations for Google Wave. I will pass two invitations to my current 6 followers and spent the remaining 3 invitations randomly to those who comment on this post until the end of Tuesday Nov. 17th! But please don’t just comment like “Here I want…”. Tell a little bit about your Earthdawn history or your current character you’re playing (Name, adepthood, circle etc.). If you’re not playing Earthdawn tell about which RPG your currently into.


The winners will be picked randomly and announced on Wednesday Nov. 18th. I can’t tell you how long it’ll take till you get your invitations from Google.


By the way, several articles were already written about using Google Wave for gaming online:

Link Advice #3

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