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Any german visitors?

Since a long time the German fan community receives a new book! Of course not official, it is an unofficial fanmade supplement called “Barsaive’s Bestiarium” and is put together by Nico Pendzialek. The 178 pages strong book can be used with ED 1st and ED 2nd edition. Click the pic!

The german description says:

Barsaive’s Bestiarium ist ein inoffizieller Ergänzungsband zum Rollenspiel Earthdawn, von Fans für Fans. Es bietet eine umfangreiche Sammlung an neuen Kreaturen, Reittieren, Untoten und Dämonen aus Barsaive.

Barsaive Bestiarium


8 Response to "German Earthdawn news"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Germans? Here :)
    Thanks for posting this.

    Mordom says:

    I knew it!! They must be somewhere, considering that I'm german too. :-)

    Drucifer says:

    Excellent, always good to see new stuff hit the net.

    Krom says:

    Hi to all,

    klar gibt es hier deutsche Besucher ;-)

    mit Gruß Krom

    ps: translation:
    of course there are german visitors

    Kirsten says:

    But what's Illidan doing on the cover?

    Mordom says:

    Excellent question! And unfortunately is the Earthdawn logo placed exactly over the artists initials.

    At least is there a source where he got the frontcover from.

    Nico says:

    To my excuse, i did not know that its Illidan on the picture at the time i put together the Front Cover since i never played World of Warcraft. Friends of mine told me a few days after it went online. I just surfed through "Fantasy Pictures" on google picture section and it instantly catched my eye, thats why i chose it. The Earthdawn logo is placed over the artists initials, simply because it was the best place to fit on the picture. I hope you dont think i want credit from other peoples work used in the Bestiarium, since you might have realized that i didnt even write my own name on the front or back cover of the book...
    However i dont want harm to any of the illustration artists, which is why i made a source directory for every picture at the end of the book. There also is my E-mail adress to contact me in case i forgot anything important.
    I hope this answers your question.

    Gruß Nico

    Mordom says:

    Thanks for clarifying your intentions and answering this question, Nico. I wouldn't have recognized Illidan too, cause I am not into that WoW thing. Nevertheless, you did a great job creating this fanwork.

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