Crystal Cave in the Twilight Peaks

I already wrote about the Cave of Crystals in one of my Link Advices but today I discovered a video of the cave. The video or the pictures can be used to give your players an impression how a crystal cave in the Twilight Peaks might look like. Enjoy the video:

Cathay cover art and sourcebook news

yao_mo_by_enkidi-d32rl9jAlmost only one month to go until the first Cathay sourcebook will be available. To sweeten the waiting Kathy released again some artwork of the Cathay books. The one on the left displays the horror Yao Mo finding his preferred prey (never drink too much Jiu or Sake!!). Further new b/w illustrations can be found on Kathy’s deviantART page (thx to Sethariel). But that’s not all that I want to highlight with this article.
Recently the book covers done by Paul Tobin of both Cathay books, Cathay: The Five Kingdoms Player’s Guide and Gamemaster’s Guide, were released. The Gamemaster’s Guide’s cover on the left displays a battle or even a civil war scenery, the weird guy on the cover of the Player’s Guide (right) is Bei a jade obsidimen (please correct me if I am wrong) who is one of the protagonists of the novels Dark Shadows of Yesterday and Immortal Twilight written by Hank Woon.
The Cathay: The Five Kingdoms Player’s Guide can now be pre-ordered at for $23.09 (with a predicted release for Jan 11th ‘11) and at Mongoose Publishing for £24.99 (with a predicted release in December ‘10)

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