FASA and Ulisses interviews @ Spiel 2014

The International Gaming Days “SPIEL ‘14” took place from Oct. 16th – 19th at Essen. Like every year many RPG publishers were on site.

The German DORP-TV made various interviews with German as well as International publishers and for Earthdawn fans most interesting, with FASA (namely Ross Babcock) and Ulisses Spiele, the German publisher of Earthdawn.

Here’s the first interview with Ross from FASA:

The second interview with Michael Mingers from Ulisses Spiele was held on German. The "Earthdawn part" starts at 11:10 minute.

Wir werden erstmal warten mit eigensprachlichem Material, das nur auf Deutsch erscheinen wird, bis die Grundregelwerke rausgekommen sind. Was aber auch noch geplant ist, ist eigenes Deutsches Material, sowohl im Quellenbuch Bereich, wie auch Abenteuer, als auch NEUE ROMANE BZW. KURZGESCHICHTEN!!


Earthdawn 4th Edition Dice Roller

The following dice roller software was originally created by Spader as a 3rd edition dice roller. The great thing about it was the possibility to use different dice tables by simply editing the file step.mdb.
That’s what I did now to get the dice roller to use the new step system for Earthdawn 4th Edition. The download file now contains Spaders program and the new FASA Action Dice table for Earthdawn 4th Edition:
Earthdawn Dice Roller

If you prefer the old dice table using d12, simply replace original step.mdb file with this step.mdb file:

Earthdawn Miniatures Kickstarter Project

Yes Earthdawn had a lot of miniatures back at the time when Heartbreaker produced them. I think it it were 53 to be exactly! At this article over here were 101 Earthdawn miniatures introduced on the blog.

Thorn men miniature

But now back to the Kickstarter project that was initiated by Impact! Miniatures. FASA granted Impact! Miniatures permission to produce miniatures for Earthdawn. To do so, they acquired the original masters to create new molds and make new miniatures like those from Heartbreaker.

There’s one special thing to keep in mind when backing this project:

Rather than force our backers to take a specific set of miniatures that might have some they desire and some they do not.  The different reward levels give you a number of points to spend on the figurines. You select a reward with the number of points that you desire and then when you complete the pledge manager you will be able to select exactly the miniatures you want and only the miniatures you want to spend your money on

Head over to the Kickstarter page to find out more about the miniatures, their size, the stretch goals and the pledge levels that are available.

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