Earthdawn Rule Clarifications

Discussions about the rules of any RPG take mostly place at inconvenient times. Also finding answers to your questions on the RedBrick forum is sometimes hard to accomplish, even if Arma is the quickest mastermind clarifying them. Arma posted some time ago two rule clarifications about the Legend points award system and about Actions, a must read to understand how to handle these two topics as a gamemaster and as a player.

But the following work of Drucifer, author of the Tableau Infractus issues, covers various topics and provides an overview of old forum questions, posted on the RedBrick forum during December 2011 and February 2012. He categorized the questions and answers on subjects as i.e. “Combat”, “Mechanics” and “Spellcasting”. Dru put it altogether in a PDF, adding links to the forum threads for further questions and discussion.

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