State of the Brick report published

James Sutton, managing director of RedBrick LLC, published yesterday the first State of the Brick report since the huge change at RedBrick took place. The very informative article answers  a lot of questions and provides an insight what is coming and happening with the various game lines like Dramascape, Fading Suns, Blue Planet, Demonworld and of course Earthdawn.

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2 Response to "State of the Brick report published"

  1. Drucifer says:

    Some of this is a surprise, the book size reduction, the rest of the Earthdawn stuff not so much. As there have been hints dropped across the forums for the last 2 months.

    Mordom says:

    You're right, the book size reduction is a surprise. I think also the schedule release for Savage and Pathfinder edition was a surprise. Also the fact that release schedules are published, which RB normally didn't do was a surprise to me. But now we can prepare.....hopefully.

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