Earthdawn status cards by Kosmit

The great polish blogger Kosmit, some of you might know him from the Earthdawn forum, created some Earthdawn status cards which caught my attention. So after contacting Kosmit I am allowed to provide his english Earthdawn status cards over here on the Earthdawn blog.


There is also a polish version of the status cards available which you can download over here.

Beside to the Earthdawn status cards Kosmit offers also an interesting statistic document on his page.

2018-06-19 21_41_26-Microsoft Excel (Fehler bei Produktaktivierung) - earthdawn_stat_blocks (1).xlsx

Kosmit writes:

Preparing a game session is a difficult task. I've prepared something to ease up preparing game stats for NPCs and monsters. You will find English version on second tab in excel sheet.

You can download the statistic formular over here

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