Earthdawn Kickstarter campaign started

The Earthdawn Kickstarter campaign is live and after a short period (1 day), already reached it’s goal of $10.000!! Hell yeah!

Now, twenty years after its initial release, a new edition is in development under the FASA Games banner. In addition to revising and polishing the game rules, this new edition of Earthdawn will update the setting, putting in place a new status quo for players to explore. The goal is to make the game more accessible and friendly to players unfamiliar with Earthdawn and its history.

The delivery dates for the pledges is set to Aug/Sep 2014. All the information about what you still can pledge for, can be found on the project’s Kickstarter page.

If you have already played some previous Earthdawn editions, you might be wondering, what changes in the new Earthdawn 4th Edition. For this reason Josh Harrison released 4 Earthdawn 4th Edition previews so far on the FASA Games Blog.

You still want to know more?

Josh Harrison, Earthdawn line developer held an ED Q&A session at’s chat yesterday and the log of the session was released at GMshoes’s office.

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