RPG food rations for various races

“Orcs aren’t known for their great cuisine”

The following gallery shows food- and trail-rations of various RPG characters and races that were used during RPG sessions of wats6831. I absolutely love the detailed composition of the food to represent the preferations of various roleplaying races. Especially the Drow and the Lizardfolk rations are absolutely great:

via KFMW

Three Earthdawn Promo flyers from 1993!!

The German Earthdawn publisher Ulisses-Spiele mentioned in a news article on march that they put the english Earthdawn Promo flyers online that were released in 1993 when Earthdawn was first published.

Those three flyers were published by FASA in 1993 to promote the start of the new Earthdawn game line. They contain information about the setting, intro rules and the adventure Kaer Tardim.


You can download the three flyers over here.

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