Create character portraits using Hero Machine 2.5

Some time ago I discovered the Hero Machine of UGO Entertainment and I decided to give it a try to create some fantasy characters. To create them I used the Hero Machine version 2.5. UGO provides various Hero Machines to create "characters" for example a Hero Machine Pin-up Edition or a Zombie creator. Well, the purpose of the Hero Machine 2.5 I used is to create comic heroes or heroes in general. Handling the tutorial of the Hero Machine shouldn't be that hard, so just give it a try.

I know they don't look very "Earthdawnish" and are very comic-look-alike, but I would say for players that don't have the talent of Kathy, Sade or JB but still want to create a picture of their character sould have a look at it. So I hope you enjoy my small collection of Earthdawn Hero Machine characters. If you want to manipulate the characters, simply load the *.txt file and load the code of the character at the Hero Machine page.

Character's Code file
(note:there might be some items missing when loading the code)

Earthdawn Publishing Trust is back!!

How I just read in the forum, Vinsane's EDPT site is back. The site was offline since mid of 2008 due to a hacker attack, or had he some server problems? I can't remember. But it looks like the time of maintenance is over and the page is back up online.

I hope EDPT will become as strong as it was long time ago and I'm happy that the site is back. Right now the forums and the content isn't online yet, but I guess news will come soon.

Happy Birthdawn Blog

One year ago I made the first post, to open up the EARTHDAWN BLOG.

So Happy Birthdawn Blog.

In this one year my first and only blog has changed and grown a lot. I got connected with a lot of people who love and keep on pushing Earhtdawn. A lot if interviews (11) have been made, 60 posts about various topics were published (at least 2 in a month, see September 2008) and several polls, where a lot of you took part, were answered.

I have to admit that I'd love to do more for Earthdawn and especially for the blog, but as always real life is calling.......

But it's been amazing to see from where in the world people had a look at my blog. (I track the page with google analytics, to see who links to the page). So here are some graphics that show, from where people accessed the page. Unfortunately I didn't start google analytics when I opened up the page, so the first three month are missing in the stats.

The big surprise for me is how strong the earthdawn community in Poland is. I never expected that Earthdawn is that well known there. That's why I chose to have a close look at the polish community at my series "Earthdawn World Wide" where the polish part will be published soon.

The most visited post in my blog is so far the post about "Earthdawn Character Generators". I remember that Elidis suggested to pick up the topic of generating character in Earthdawn. It was the best suggestion so far! Thanks again.

So what will come in future on the earthdawn blog. I gonna give you a little insight, what I've planned to do. First I'll finish this post to celecrate the Birthdawn, I hope that next will come the "Earthdawn World Wide Pt. 2 Poland". There are several topics waiting like an interview with Red Brick about the current "hardcover-selling-situation". I'm planning a small report about the RPC 2009 in Cologne, maybe I'll be there, who knows :-). And some smaller works on the blog will be made, for example right now I am working on a new header for the blog, to freshen up the view of the blog. Anything else is too far away to be told right now.

I hope you enjoy this blog and keep on visiting, commenting and voting on it. And with the "words of Lou", I finish this birthday post.


Are you also annoyed when the game is interrupted? Especially when you as a gamemaster are leaving the room? Going to the toilet for inspiration or what ever is the time when players go crazy.

I discovered a nice video at Stargazersworld that every gamemaster should play during a toilet break when he or she is away.

Here's the entertaining music called "GM Hold Music" made by GeekHeretic

Video by Kami-Chan

New Art of JB

I am proud to present you a new painting of Johannes, who also made those remarkable pictures you can find in the Picasa album below. Check this out:

For Feedback please leave a comment!

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