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The Working Class GM offers a little creature on his blog that he made for his Earthdawn campaign. He was so kind to give me permission to share the Manra's Dismal Beetle PDF over here on the blog too.


What are the 'Lost Treasures of the Codex'?

The 'Lost Treasures of the Codex' is a series of articles on the Earthdawn Blog which will present you source material for Earthdawn 3rd Edition.

The series is called the 'Lost Treasures of the Codex' because the source material was originally part of a submission for the 'Earthdawn Codex' Open Call from RedBrick back in 2007. But it is a shame that this material was never published as the Earthdawn Codex project wasn't realized. That's also a reason why the original author Joeri decided to provide the material to publish it step by step on the Earthdawn Blog.

The series will cover various descriptions of interesting places, new magical weapons, creatures, Earthdawn legends, disciplines and much more, to use in your game.

There will be several volumes of the Lost Treasures. I am revising the original files and texts to create articles and PDFs for Earthdawn fans to use it in their game. The original author Joeri 'Cpt. Cutlass' Winkeler and I thought this would be much better than having the files "rotting on his HDD".

Please keep in mind that the documents are based on Earthdawn 3rd Edition rules! You'll find the PDF-file at the bottom of the article. The PDF will of course be added to the 'Downloads Section' too.

So where to start? Ah of course:

Lost Treasure of the Codex Vol. I

This location is created for adventurers visiting Haven, the corner of Parlainth held and protected by Namegivers. Although it is meant for Havenites, you, as a GM may wish to use them elsewhere. Places like this should be available all over Barsaive where civilization is found. Some simple adjustment in Names and Gamemaster Characters will do the trick.

The Spire of Thaumaturgy

This relative newly erected building lies just outside of Haven bordering the dark, lush jungles surrounding Parlainth. The Spire was build due to popular demand several years after the founding of Haven. The building is a large, squat dome with a broad, spiraling tower in the middle. The tower extends some 12 feet in the air and is topped off with several smaller spires laid out in a haphazardly fashion. Surrounding the building is a 2 feet thick, 5 feet tall wall, completely covered with runes and protective wards. Inside the wall several small herbal gardens seem to flourish unchecked and present and array of exotic flowers and smells.

The various comments following this request by 'Analogkonsole' on G+ made up a nice selection of links for Character Sheets for Earthdawn: The Age of Legends by Vagrant workshop. I simply think that these links should be listed on the blog over here too, so:

Official Character Sheet by Vagrant Workshop

Official Earthdawn: AoL sheet by Vagrant Workshop


1 page character sheet by Casubon

1 page Character sheet made by casubon - published on forum


2 page Casubon character sheet

2 page version of casubons sheet


Excel character sheet

Excel character sheet by Spiele im Kopf



Earthdawn: Age of Legend overview of the book by Nathan @

Earthdawn 4th Edition timeline

Compared to Earthdawn 3rd Edition the timeline of Earthdawn 4th Edition continued and the Fall of Vivane is for example not the only event that offers new possibilities for adventures.

Overview of recent events

The following overviews (EN/GE) about the recent events of Earthdawn 4th edition, were created by the restless Elidis from the german Earthdawn community. I am as always proud to provide these over here for you:

Spoiler warning for Earthdawn 1st Edition players

The events from the campaigns "Prelude to War" and "Barsaive at War" are already part of the timeline because in Earthdawn 4th edition all these are in the past.


Earthdawn 4th Edition - timeline



Earthdawn 4th Edition - Zeitstrahl


Earthdawn Spielleiter Handbuch

​Drüben bei den Teilzeithelden hat sich Klaus das neu erschienene Earthdawn Spielleiter Handbuch für Earthdawn 4E von Ulisses Spiele  vorgenommen. Seine ausführliche Rezension beschränkt sich dabei natürlich nicht nur auf das Erscheinungsbild des Spielleiterhandbuch, sondern betrachtet auch verschiedenste inhaltliche Themenbereiche und analysiert die überschaubaren Änderungen zwischen Earthdawn 4E und Earthdawn 3E.

Unter anderem wird allen, die erst kürzlich auf Earthdawn aufmerksam geworden sind, die Welt und ihre Geschichte näher gebracht. Ausserdem wird die Spielleitung im Zeitalter der Legenden in einem extra Abschnitt erkärt und die deutsche Rezension greift neben dem Thema Magische Schätze auch Widersacher und Verbündete auf.

Earthdawn Spielleiter Handbuch

Sehr hilfreich:

In seiner deutschen Rezension des Earthdawn Spielleiter Handbuchs hat Klaus eine stichpunktartige Zusammenfassung der Änderungen von Earthdawn 4E mit aufgenommen.

Natürlich wird auch das Preis/Leistungsverhältnis des Earthdawn Spielleiter Handbuch betrachet und im Fazit wird für alle, die nur die Quintessenz betrachten wollen, alles zum Buch noch einmal flott zusammengefasst.

Also sofern jemand Informationen zum jüngsten Buch der deutschen Earthdawn 4th Edition Reihe von Ulisses Spiele sucht, wird hier fündig.

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