Earthdawn merchandise

Red Brick is the only company to sell some Earthdawn-ware. They opened up three different kind of stores. First they use Spreadshirt to sell their fan products. But as you will see on the website, its just for users from the US. Which means shipping to europe would be very expensive, but those clever guys from Red Brick opened up another store especially for european fans, which means that the prices are in euro and shipping is faster and cheaper (of course). At the US site you find a link to the european store.

So what's available? The two stores differ from each other in some little details. For example in the colour of the t-shirts or the US store doesn't provide caps. The two stores offer in general clothing (like t-shirts, longsleeves), mugs (which the US store doesn't), mousepads (which the european store doesn't offer) and several goodies like stickers, bags and buttons.

"Third" shop is from cafepress. It provides another assortment, but only for US. With your dollars you can acquire a lot of buttons (also magnetic ones), this trucker hat you see on the left and a lot of sweaters in different colours. Special gimmicks for your girl and your kid are unique and can only be found there.
I don't want to mention every article you can buy in those shops. So use your mouse to have a look by your own at those remarkable shops:
US shop spreadshirt
European shop spreadshirt
US shop cafepress

Topographical Earthdawn Maps

I found several posts at the EDPT-forum from a guy called "Digger" from Wales. He has an interesting project: transfer Earthdawn maps into topographical maps. His maps are based on real world maps and he simply refers to the dimensions of the Earthdawn maps to place cities, lakes and rivers. His works are really great and have a different look compared to the original Earthdawn maps. He transferred all the Theran provinces and Barsaive.

Further he's made some computer graphic. I added some of my favourites to the Album.

If you want to know more about Digger's digital works, have a look over HERE.

Maps from Digger

Earthdawn Novel

On top is the cover of the newest Earthdawn Novel Anarya's Secret (324 pages) written by Tim Jones.
It is available in different types and prices:
- Ebook via
- Ebook via Rpg Now
- Softcover from
- Hardcover from

The backcover describes the story as follows:

"Kendik Dezelek is a young Swordmaster. He's tall, strong, and well-trained. But when he leaves his home village on the road to adventure, he soon finds that those things will only get you so far. In the land between the Tylon Mountains and the Serpent River, friend and foe are not always as they appear.

In a world still recovering from the Scourge, when Horrors ravaged the land of Barsaive, Kendik is soon forced to choose between a range of evils. He travels with the surly and disreputable Turgut brothers. He encounters the bloated tyrant Lord Tesek, ruler of the growing city of Borzim. And he is ensnared in the plots of the feared and mysterious House of the Wheel.

Most of all, he meets Anarya Chezarin, who enters his life from the depths of an ancient stronghold. Who is she, and what is her secret? It may cost Kendik and Anarya more than their lives to find out."

Over HERE, a preview of a few pages.


One of the rising Earthdawn artists in the scene is SaDE from Hungary (her original name is Rita Màrföldi). I tried to contact her to get some informations about herself and her relation to Earthdawn, but unfortunately she didn't reply on any of my emails. So I can introduce her only with the informations that are available on her websites.
She runs a Hungarian Earthdawn website and I guess she holds up the flag for earthdawn in Hungary with this site. There's a lot of stuff available, but unfortunately in Hungarian.

There I found those really well done Earthdawn Cards


She also uploads some of her works on EPILOGUE. There are also lots of pictures, that are not related to Earthdawn, but they show that a very creative mind is hoppin thru Hungary.

SaDE's first commercial website to sell shirts, cups and bags imprinted with some high fantasy drawings can be found HERE.

She was already involved in some interior art of some publications from Red Brick, like the Earthdawn Gamemaster Compendium (EDGC) and the Earthdawn Player's Compendium (EDPC).

Finally I am sorry that I can't provide some personal information about her, perhaps I will manage to contact her in the future.

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