Kickstarter project for custom fantasy audio – Realmsound Project

I recently wrote about some interesting crowd funding RPG projects, wherein a Kickstarter project for professional MP3 background loops for RPGs was mentioned. The project for these MP3 files was funded successfully.

As a gamemaster it is always hard to find good background music or atmospheric sounds that fit your game. Sometimes a gamemaster has to create his own sound, sometimes you can use some existing sound.

Background music and music for use in RPGs in general was already several times a topic on the Earthdawn Blog. The two most interesting projects so far were the Free Nature Sounds and the Roleplaying music by Erdenstern.

The latest RPG music project, I was made aware of (thx to  Kyn), is the Realmsound Project by Orange County Gaming Group. Of course it is a Kickstarter project and there are still some days left to get it funded. Here’s a small example of what we can expect from this project:

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