Earthdawn news roundup

Several Earthdawn news were published during the recent weeks. So I thought it's time for a short roundup over here. 

But first a short question:
I once had a series running on the blog called "Earthdawn World Wide", where various countries with their specific Earthdawn fan community and products (be it fan or official translations) were introduced. And as I see now a "new" Earthdawn Edition rising, I wanted to ask you all, if you've heard sth. from any publisher of your country who is planning to publish the new 4th Edition material in your language?

German Earthdawn page online

Yes, you might already have heard that the German publisher Ulisses Spiele grabbed the rights to publish German Earthdawn books. The German Earthdawn page of Ulisses is now online at


+Morgan Weeks and +Josh Harrison gave an interview about Earthdawn 4E moderated by Jim Pinto for AetherCon:


Example characters by Morgan

The recent project of +Morgan Weeks is to publish several example characters for Earthdawn 4th Edition.

So far Morgan released the following example characters on his blog:

  • T’skrang swordmaster
  • Windling Swordmaster
  • Troll Skyraider
  • Elf Sky Raider
  • Elf Archer
  • Windling Archer
  • Ork Cavalryman

The characters have full stats for 8th circle chars and are designed for 4th Edition rules.

Epic character generator – new races

The epic character generator received two new races. The Anthro Cat (male and female) and Ork male packs are now available for the program.


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