101 Earthdawn Miniatures

0335ThornMen1AOn the left you see one of the 101 gallery pictures of TheDreadPolack. In my opinion he made the so far best Earthdawn miniatures gallery with full coloration figures. He uploaded his work at Photobucket and was willing to make a short interview with Sethariel, who discovered his gallery and made the interview. Sethariel additionally uploaded a youtube video slideshow, showing the best miniatures of the gallery, which you also find at his page. I can only recommend to dig through Sethariels page to discover more about his Earthdawn Art articles.

Here’s a short excerpt of the interview:

Let's talk about the gallery. There are 101 pictures of 35 different Earthdawn miniatures there. Is this all of your Earthdawn miniatures collection, or you have plenty of more? In your closet for instance…

By my research, Heartbreaker made 53 Earthdawn miniatures, of which I own 50. The painted ones are on a shelf, the rest are in a shoe box, as a matter of fact :)

I am still missing „0302  Windlings (3)", „0333  Mounted Dwarf Calvaryman", and „0334  Troll Illusionist". I made it a mission to find them all and paint them. I plan to finish this mission, but the last 3 have been pretty hard to find, and I haven't looked recently.

When I am done with my current painting project (soon), I will finish painting my Earthdawn miniatures. I am a lot faster than I used to be, so I don't expect this to take too long.

How and when did you acquire your Earthdawn miniatures? Was it expensive?

I bought my first few miniatures at a game store back in the days before the internet :) Since then, I have gotten the rest online. Various game stores and eBay have been useful. They haven't been very expensive, but I have a few duplicates since I've had to buy them in lots a few times.

If you want to find out more about TheDreadPolack’s work, read the full interview at blog.setheo.pl.

0350WingedTSkrangTSkrangwFaceMask2A 0330NethermancerThiefDwarf1A

Which RPG to play? Find out with the RPG selection chart

rpgchart16Inkwell Idea’s made a selection chart with over 90 RPG systems/games that guides you to your favorite RPG. The first versions of the selection chart didn’t include Earthdawn, but the chart has been updated over the last weeks and now as I report about it, Earthdawn is included. Have a look at the RPG selection chart of Inkwell Idea’s.

Earthdawn Character Editor for MAC

There are various character editors for Windows out there. But the growing company that bit the apple has spread its disease known as Mac OS, or something like that, more and more into our world. On this OS most character generators won’t work. Ok, ok, ok no more Apple bashing here, please. So for all those who want to create and edit Earthdawn characters on a MAC can now use the Earthdawn Character Editor 0.1 Alpha (you know what Alpha may cause). The small program was written by Holger von Rhein aka lortas. It is an early Alpha version and was published yesterday, it’s java-based and written for Earthdawn Third Edition.

For a detailed description and some screenshots head over to Softpedia, where you can also download the latest version of the program. Unfortunately for you, I am not an Apple fanboy and so I can’t provide any further information on the usability nor the detailed functions of this program. I would appreciate comments on that topic.

Chronicles of Barsaive released

ArchiveCover2Lately Drucifer opened up the Tableau Infractus Archive with the intention to prevent Earthdawn content from disappearing from the net. The first release was the Earthdawn Legends book. The newest release is the Chronicles of Barsaive PDF (Mirror). The original comes from David Schibeci (Wanderer’s Rest) and with the re-release of Dru, the book has now a new design.

So what are the Chronicles of Barsaive about?

The Chronicles of Barsaive is a series of stand alone adventures. Each adventure details a race or region. When the adventures are interlinked they form an exploration of Barsaive. Each adventure is intended for three to six characters of first to third circle.

The adventures were written for the 1st Earthdawn edition, so NPCs have 1st edition stats.

Additionally: “Pour mes cher amis fran├žais l'original est aussi disponible en fran├žais.” Regardez ici!

Link Advice #12

Earthdawn Legends and Earthdawn 3rd edition framework v1.0 [MapTool] released

Earthdawn MapTool FrameworkEarthdawn 3rd edition framework? MapTool? Well, I heard of MapTool, but never used it and as Telarus released his v1.0 for use with the latest Earthdawn 3rd edition, I was irritated until I had a look at it. MapTool is a powerful program which shouldn’t be misunderstood for just using it for maps or virtual desktops. I guess the description of the programmers says it best:

MapTool. A virtual tabletop that allows you to connect and play over the internet or automate your battlemap in a face to face game. Drawing maps, importing images, maps with light and vision, dice rolling, and automation are just a few of the features in this extremely easy to use virtual tabletop.

Telarus’ work includes a character creation option for Earthdawn characters and additionally all the power that comes with MapTool anyway. Telarus opened up a thread on the RedBrick forum, to inform (a lot of informational links await you there), offer guidelines and discuss his work.

ArchiveCoverEarthdawn Legends! This is the latest release of Drucifer who already made five issues of his Tableau Infractus, but this time he re-released the Earthdawn Legends written by Alan Varney and Don Webb with a new design. The Earthdawn Legends itself exist for some time now and contains several legends told by the various races of Barsaive. With the new design and the PDF format it will stay online for sure, which is also Dru’s intention for re-releasing the Legends. To prevent documents from disappearing from the web he opened up an archive, where he’ll add further documents. So where do you get all the “new” stuff from. There shall be several sources of course: First: Dru’s upload, second: archive at 4shared, third: my mirror

Character stats of Su Shen, cathayan protagonist of the Earthdawn novels written by Hank Woon

dark shadows of yesterdayWell Mongoose publishing releases almost every month an issue of Signs & Portents wherein they offer free stuff of their RPG systems. We already saw some content for Earthdawn in the issues # 72, # 74 and # 84,  but as I read today on the Earthdawn forum, the newest issue of Signs & Portents # 88 is out. I wouldn’t report about it if there wasn’t a very interesting Earthdawn chapter with an excerpt of the upcoming Cathay books in it. Additional information about the discipline of the Daughter of Heaven are included, one of the 11 new disciplines that come with the release of the Cathay sourcebooks.

But additionally, as the title of this article says, the character stats of the most well known Daughter of Heaven are completely listed. The stats of Su Shen one of the protagonists of the novels Dark Shadows of Yesterday and Immortal Twilight written by Hank Woon can nowhere else be found, as my buddy Sethariel told me, which means that they aren’t included in the Cathay books and can only be found in the freely available #88 at the Signs & Portents archive. Enjoy!

New Year Poll for 2011

The following poll shall reveal your expectations and hopes for RedBrick's 2011 releases that are planned or should be planned. Just tell us what your highlight of the year 2011 would or will be. You are allowed to pick up to THREE choices you favor or agree most with and I also added the option to write your own expectation to the poll. May your hopes and highlights become true.

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