Earthdawn Appreciation Day

The first annual Earthdawn Appreciation Day was recently announced by the EPIC RPG Blog for June 14th.

Earthdawn Banner 200dpi

So how can you participate and what is this about? Tilton explains it:

On June 14th we will be celebrating one of the best Role-Playing Games to ever be produced (In my opinion). How can you participate? By creating some new and fun content for Earthdawn and posting it to your blog, G+ or by emailing your submission to me at on June 14th.

You can win some prizes that are sponsored by FASA and, to (maybe) inspire you, a list of some topics for your blog post/submission for June 14th is provided too:

Create new original content for Earthdawn (Including Savage Worlds and Pathfinder editions). This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Thread Items
  • Adventures
  • Artwork
  • Card Games
  • Charts & Tables
  • Cities
  • Equipment
  • Horrors
  • Maps
  • Monsters
  • Mundane Flora and Fauna
  • Namegivers
  • New Disciplines
  • New Sections of the Map (South Africa, Antarctica, Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, Australia, North/South America, Greenland...The Moon, Mars?)
  • New Settings (Using Earthdawn Rules in a new setting)
  • New Talents
  • NPCs
  • System Conversions (Earthdawn Setting in different ruleset)

So what about you? Got some unfinished ideas or additional content for Earthdawn? Simply tell Tilton you’re in over here.

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