Earthdawn study & research topics table

The recently announced Earthdawn Appreciation Day was yesterday and I am a little bit late but nevertheless, here’s my late contribution.

Based on this article at Inkwell ideas I made up an Earthdawn study & research topics table.  The table should give Gamemasters a short overview of book titles, the players could see when they have a short look at a bookshelf.


- Creatures

  • Habitats of the Griffon near the Tylon mountains
  • Ecology of Cave Crabs
  • Behavior of the common wolf
  • Reproduction behavior of Espagras
  • Treatise on salt water fish's near Urupa

- Cities

  • Common clothes of Travar
  • Boarding rules of Urupa haven
  • Violence rates in Throal / Bethabal
  • Heraldry of Throal families

- Landscapes

  • Old trading routes
  • The Hills around Kratas 
  • A Windsailors thoughts on the Throal mountains
  • Storm season of the Tylon mountains

- Trading / Financial / Faith

  • A merchants treatise on trading routes (for campsites, state of some routes in southern Barsaive etc.)
  • Trading houses of Throal
  • Analysis of financial benefits in Travar
  • The superiority  of Chorollis

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