Earthdawn 4th Edition - Sourcebook Travar: The Merchant City

Just to remember you shortly again. The Earthdawn Kickstarter project by FASA, which was launched on January 14th 2014, reached these stretch goals:

  • GM Screen
  • Travar: City of Merchants
  • ED 4E Companion
  • Elven Nations
  • Questors

After release of the Player's and the Gamemaster's Guide in 2015 it was in early January 2016 when information about next sourcebook Travar: The Merchant City was revealed.

It was Allen Farr who wrote an article on G+ to inform about the work, the story and background to develop the the book.


Travar: The Merchant City
Now that Travar is in the development pipeline at FASA Games I thought it was only fair to let you all know about it. Hopefully when it is closer to publication there will be a few previews that can be unleashed. Until then…
The Cover:
The Cover layout isn’t finalised yet, but there should be enough there to give you a good idea of what it will look like when it’s finished……..

Read the full article HERE

The following info should be taken with care:

Several rumours can be found on the net about the release date of the book, like this one here from the FASA Earthdawn forum:


If you didn't fund the Kickstarter project to get a copy of the book, you already could pre-order the book at There they speak of an estimate February, 2016 release……

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