Earthdawn: The Age of Legend - Preview by Vagrant Workshop

Age of Legends


Vagrant Workshop, the German publisher of Earthdawn: The Age of Legend, recently released a free PDF preview of the upcoming book on their page. The 12 page PDF contains the 'Getting Started' chapter and of course the book's cover, which is a great displays of Kathy Schad and David M. Wright art skills.

For all of you who didn't read the news about the release of Earthdawn: The Age of Legend or the interview with Carsten Damm and therefore ask themselves, why another publisher is releasing an alternative ruleset for Earthdawn, I can only quote from the preview PDF, to explain the case:

The Age of Legend was designed for those who want a simple and story-oriented game system.

That's why Earthdawn: The Age of Legend is based on FU: The Freeform, Universal RPG game engine by Nathan Russel, to simplify the sometime complicate original Earthdawn Step System.

Official Earthdawn RPG Soundtrack - coming on March 18th 2016

Earthdawn Soundtrack

Update 20th March 2016:

The Earthdawn Soundtrack Album is now available at:


The recent rumors that an official Earthdawn Soundtrack is in the making are actually no rumors!

X Score sc1

The composer duo Konstantine Kazantzis and Jan Haak from X-Score created a professionally produced, official Earthdawn Soundtrack in cooperation with Ulisses Spiele (German Earthdawn publisher)! The duo can look back on a lot of experience in RPG-music as they already created the soundtrack for example for Contact, Space:1889 or Dark Age Wars.

I really have to say that my experiences with music in RPGs, from a Gamemaster perspective, were, how can I say it, 'disappointing'. The only roleplaying music I actually used during my games was from Erdenstern, but the music wasn't a fit for Earthdawn at all. On the other hand I sometimes used Free Nature Sounds to build a little bit of atmosphere. But there was no real fit for Earthdawn when it came to music so far.

In my opinion the official Earthdawn Soundtrack is about to change that.

The 17 tracks on the upcoming official Earthdawn Soundtrack have a total playing time of 72 minutes and they are actually a real fit for Earthdawn.

The songs cover a lot of moods and really transport specific atmospheres for Earthdawn. I realized that, as I heard thru the snippets that are available at Soundcloud. My absolute favorites so far are of course the songs 'Steel and Blood' and 'Onwards to Battle'.


Track list:

  • 1. The Might of Thera - 04:01
  • 2. Lament of Thorns - 04:14
  • 3. Fire and Rage - 03:58
  • 4. Ashes and Smoke - 04:23
  • 5. Steel and Blood - 03:46
  • 6.  Wisdom of the River People - 04:37
  • 7. Jugglers and Thieves - 04:08
  • 8. Haven - 05:20
  • 9. Pulling a Valvidius - 04:12
  • 10. Rooftop Chase - 03:25
  • 11. Ale and Good Company - 02:19
  • 12. Under the Mountain - 03:36
  • 13. King of Stones - 03:36
  • 14. In the Ruins - 03:32
  • 15. Onwards to Battle - 03:41
  • 16. The King Fares North - 05:13
  • 17. Earthdawn Suite - 07:24

Official release date

The album will be released on 18th of March 2016 on iTunes, Amazon Music and Google Play as download and of course there will be a physical CD available containing beautiful artwork. I can only recommend to have a look at it when the Soundtrack will be released.


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