Earthdawn Core Rulebooks at half price until Tuesday morning


Looks like the wedding of William and Kate is also good for us Earthdawn fans or roleplayers in general. Mongoose publishing announced that all of their core rulebooks will be cut at half price until Tuesday morning (UK time). Which means that you can buy each Earthdawn 3rd edition core rulebook, Earthdawn Gamemasters Guide and Earthdawn Players Guide, for only £14.99 (€16.90). Have a look at the website of Mongoose publishing to grab the offer.

Btw other titles of the special offer include:

  • Traveller (both hardback and Pocket Edition)
  • RuneQuest II
  • Judge Dredd
  • Strontium Dog
  • Glorantha
  • Earthdawn
  • Lone Wolf Multiplayer Gamebook
  • Elric of Melnibone
  • Deus Vult
  • Wraith Recon
  • Hammers Slammers
  • Plus all French language core RPG books

Arma’s easter egg hunt 2011

The Eye in the Sky aka Arma has published again a forum post wherein he gives us an update of the upcoming Crystal Raiders sourcebook. He talks about added stuff like new Adventure Hooks, new Goods and Services, Magical Treasures and and and. So if you’re interested about what changed and what was added so far to the upcoming “Crystal Raiders of Barsaive “ book read Arma’s easter egg hunt 2011 article.

Tableau Infractus #7 released

Cover7smallThe first year since the free fanmade Ebook series of Drucifer is being released is over and we received 7 issues of his magazine. The lately released 7th issue contains an interview with Andrew Ragland wherein he talks about his authorship on the new RedBrick release “Burning Desires”. Further chapters include descriptions of Iopos, several selection charts which explain the methods of spell casting in Earthdawn and of course is a chapter with miniatures included. I thank Dru for the great effort he made over the last year to spread his Tableau Infractus releases.

- Drucifers Tableau Infractus Archive
- Mirror of issue #7

Link Advice #15

Quick Blog News

Here are some general Sunday Earthdawn Blog news.

email blogger

- I added the new Blogger widget to the sidebar that enables you to follow the blog via email. So if you prefer emails to be notified about blog updates, test the new feature rather than using the RSS feed subscription.

- The section “What is Earthdawn?” was updated too, because unfortunately the links heading to the great reviews about Earthdawn of don’t work anymore. Can’t tell what happened to the page.

- A new category was added! Use the new entry “Disciplines” to discover articles with new/old or fan made descriptions of disciplines.


If you discover any links in articles that don’t work anymore leave a comment or notify me via email.

Signs & Portents issue #91 with Earthdawn content again

Signs & Portents 91 cover
Mongoose publishing recently released its monthly free magazine Signs & Portents in issue # 91. The this time included Earthawn content introduces a new discipline called “Paragon” which is based on the Templar Knight. So what is the new discipline about?
Paragons are the soldiers chosen by the Passions to defend their works and spread their influence to all corners of Barsaive. They normally organise themselves into military orders headed by an inner  core or fraternity and focus primarily on defensive and social Talents.
The “Paragon” is designed for Earthdawn Third Edition rules and the 11 pages about the new discipline provide a deep insight into the history of the discipline, new Talents/Knacks and even a sample Paragon character is provided. It was all written by David Marshall who simply send his discipline design to Mongoose as they published it now.
Some of you might say, “hey what do I need a “passion discipline” when the game system already provides Questors?” The chapter “On the Paragon and the Questor” tries answer this question and explains the differences of Questors and Paragons.
All in all it is a very well done discipline description and can enrich your game, so have a look at the Signs & Portents issue # 91 at the Mongoose Signs & Portents archive.

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