Want to test Earthdawn Third Edition?

RedBrick Limited released their new Earthdawn Third Edition sourcebooks some weeks ago. This gives a lot of roleplayers the opportunity to enter Earthdawn from anew and being able to stay with one system (no more Living Room Games or Earthdawn Classic version switching).

For all those who never played Earthdawn but want to have a look at it before buying the core rulebooks, RedBrick yesterday released a FREE demo for the Earthdawn Third Edition, called Misguided Ambitions. This demo provides an overview of the world of Earthdawn and it's history, a starting adventure with a cast of character you can play, combat rules and all basic tables you’ll need to play the starting adventure. Misguided Ambitions is available via DrivethruRPG and Rpgnow, as a e-book of 36 pages.

You'll just need "a couple of dice and your friends" to test Earthdawn Third Edition.

Above you see Chorak Bonecracker chief of the Bloodlore moot

First 3rd edition dice roller

Some of you might have seen the discussion on one of my previous entries about dice software. It was Spader who commented that he also made a one-click dice roller. After a few days he contacted me and showed me his dice roller.

ED dice roller screenshot_spader

As you can see the window is kept simple, you just click the step and the dice is “rolled”. But there are some special features of this dice roller, that differ it from others:

  1. It uses the new step system of the Earthdawn 3rd edition (no more D20)
  2. You can add Karma dice to all your rolls with just one click.
  3. It automatically re-rolls maximum dice, as every good dice roller for Earthdawn should do.

So all of you who switched to the new Earthdawn Third Edition should have a look at this dice roller. For those who “keep up the classic flag” or still use the D20 step system, download the old system step.mdb file and replace the existing one in the dice roller folder. Then this dice roller uses the “old” step system. Enjoy and thanks to Spader for this great software.


Spader just updated the dice roller to version 1.3. It now includes the option to switch via right click to the classic or the third edition dice table. The dice roller is now packed in an *.exe file.


Birthday of Earthdawn.pl

I look at the age of my blog (1,5 years) and I feel like a kid when I see that Earthdawn.pl celebrates his 10 year existence.

But what would be a jubilee without a contest or prizes the fans can win? Yes you guess right, Earthdawn.pl started a competition with incredible prizes for the winners to celebrate their 10th jubilee. The criteria and further info’s about the competition can be found HERE (Google translation).

Unfortunately only polish text’s and work’s will be accepted. But maybe we get to see a translation of the winner, I’ll try to encourage Sethariel to translate one or all the three winning entries. So, if you are from Poland and want to write something for Earthdawn, HERE’s your chance to win some extraordinary stuff, such as 3rd edition sourcebooks and astral dice!

I hope that Earthdawn.pl and all his fans, supporters and responsible persons keep up the great work another 10 years. All the best and congrats again!

Earthdawn Quiz Nr. 7

Here we go, 10 questions await you again in my new Earthdawn Quiz Nr. 7. But this time I suggest to read everything carefully. Any complaints about the difficulty, the correctness or your score? Please, leave a comment!

Fritz Leiber – Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser series

FrtizLeiber Who of you ever heard of Fritz Leiber or of “Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser”? I myself have to admit that I’ve never heard of him or his two main characters since yesterday. I read an article at Spiegel online (for all my German readers I recommend to read this article.) about the Roleplay-ancestor Fritz Leiber. I thought: “Hm, never heard of him” so I started to read the first paragraph of the article and as he was described as the Anti-Tolkien, my interest awoke. Yes, yes for all of you Lord of the Ring lovers, it is the best fantasy series ever written, calm down Winking. I never read and never will read it, I mastered to watch the movies and that’s it.

Now back to Mr. Leiber and his novels.

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