As you might have realized I like to introduce Earthdawn artists and their works. Be it paintings, projects or rules and rule clarifications.

So I have to introduce my favourite „unofficial" Earthdawn artist. No its not Jeff Laubenstein or Kathy Schad. Its a member of my group and I made an interview with him.

„Hello, would you first please introduce yourself?"

"Hi, my name is Johannes Bech, born 1980, living in Germany. After my graduation (German Abitur) and a period of disorientation I decided to let my passion (drawing) become my profession. So I started to study communication design at the University of applied sciences in Trier. At the moment I am still busy with it. By then I was almost exclusively drawing and during my study my interest to „digital art“ awoke. Of course I also appreciate the traditional art, but unfortunately I got no time and patience to sit down in front of my easel. I am still a beginner in drawing on canvas. That's why there doesn’t exist that much stuff."

"What inspires you most and who is your favourite artist?"

"I get my inspiration from everywhere: Nature, Movies, Computer Games and of course from other artists. One of my favourite, that I want to mention is Brom. He painted for example the ED book cover from „Prelude to war“, check his stuff out!!!"

„I know that you painted a lot, even in school during maths education, but when did you start to paint Earthdawn related stuff?"

"......when I started to play Earthdawn. Help me master Mordom, when did this parallel life start again?"

„Years ago, 1999? I’m not sure about that.“

"Fantasy was always the main topic of my drawings. But painting ED stuff is a good practice and it beautifies our gaming room. So two session goals at once.....hhmm, should be worth legend points, or not? *smile*"

„No comment. What is your favourite Character in Earthdawn?"

"Hm, no boasting, but of course my T’skrang Swordmaster Akoppan is really impressive *laughing*...just kidding. But if you play an epic campaign like we do, your character becomes a part of you, so no question about who is my favourite. Otherwise I like the strange races T’skrang and Obsidimen most."

„What was your most memorable moment in Earthdawn?"

"Especially the small common occasions, that mostly come up random and often become a funny momentum and dynamic, that’s what makes roleplaying so special. There are a lot of such situations, for example it can be devastating to smack too noisy in dark alleys. But our magician could tell you more of it."

„What kind of future projects do you have in mind?"

"Nothing special. Simply what appears in my mind. First let me finish my study."

„Do you want to tell us something about the posted drawings?"

"These are mainly sketches, that I draw in my freetime, some are older, some are newer artworks. There’s no special concept behind them, simply a selection of scribbles and some first steps of my digital art. I hope you like them."

„Thanks for the interview.“

To give you all an impression of Johannes' abilities I got his permission to upload some of his works. Unfortunately he has no web page I could lead you to. But if you have some questions about his works use THIS.

Watch the Album HERE


I finally managed to contact SaDe, it was kinda difficult to contact her as you noticed in this post.

I made an interview with her, about her relation to Earthdawn, she also revealed some surprising personal informations, but read yourself.

"First would you please introduce yourself?"

"Hm. I'm 28 years old, my real name is Rita, but everybody calls me Sade. I love the world of Earthdawn, and I'm a big fan of Jeff Laubenstein. (And Jim Nelson, Larry Macdougall, Miken, Janet Aulsio, David Martin, Rick Martin, they all inspired me). I like to draw, you can see my works on
I work restless on the hungarian Earthdawn portal called K'harro Aropagoi, it contains nearly thousand images, maps, more than 500 articles, and much more.

I think you want to hear some more personal *shy smile* soo..some random info.
- I spent four years in the university on philosophy faction, but I never finished it
- I always remember my dreams
- I like belly dance, I follow the tribal style
- I'm a shy creature. Kinda silent, and antisocial, but I love the people from the bottom of my heart.
- I can push out my tongue 7 centimeters!!!! :)
- I love the crows.
- I'm living in Hungary (country), Budapest (capitol)
- I also like comics, martial arts, and other "nerd" things"

"Since how long do you play Earthdawn and how did you get involved?"

*trying to remember * "Something like 8 years. I met the Earthdawn in the university dormitory. I remember, I was an elf Troubadour and we played the "Mist of Betrayal" module. It was terrible and irreal, my character finished as a blood elf.. and it was full of silly things, but still: the world caught me, and I begun to read about it, and organized a party.. "

"Which Earthdawn race are you most interested in and why?"

"When somebody asks about my favourite race, I always say "the, the t'skrangs, or the orks.." and I say all of the races *giggles*
I love the t'skrangs, because they are so unique, and I love their styles. I love the trolls because of their culture, and dual mentality.
I love the orks, because of their passion. I love the windlings, because they.. they :)
I'm not good enough or i'm afraid to play an obsidiman well, but I still love, say to me "stop".. you see? I can't choose."

"What is your favourite character in Earthdawn?"

"Always the current, that I'm playing with. My GM, and the other players have favourite character from me (and vice versa), but it's a different story.
Currently I'm playing with an elf theran noble, and I think she is definitely different than my other characters."

"Thanks for the interview"

Nobody is perfect

No matter from which company a book has been published, every Earthdawn book contains errors. Thats why Errata books are published, be it by fans or by a company.
A lot of Earthdawn fans had long discussions about the rules, the rulebooks and the errors they found. For example at the german forum Myrias (former lots of rules had been discussed until the detected faults had been collected and put together to a PDF by Martin Glaw. This unofficial Errata is about the books from the German publishers Games-in-vlg and Fan Pro (former german publisher).

But also the "new" star at our Earthdawn horizon Red Brick is not as perfect as me, Mordom :-). Thats why they also publish Errata PDF's at their homepage. However the advantage of the philosophy of Red Brick to spread their books also as Ebooks via Drivethru, LULU and RPGNow, is the possibility to include the new found errors immediately into the Ebooks. Users benefit from this clever decision by beeing able to download their already bought Ebooks several times. So as soon as a new Errata is published, the Ebook can be downloaded again as the newest corrected Version. IIRC you can download your Ebooks five times.

Living Rooms Games also published Erratas on their homepage at Uncle Mikes Corner.

Last but not least the old books from FASA also want to be freed from their errors. Formerly the corrections of the older books had been published at the last pages of the newer books, but an overview about the faults of the FASA books was far away, until I discovered them HERE. And another collection of all errors has been written by Chris Ryan and can be found HERE, on a webpage of James Flowers (Managing director of Red Brick Limited).

If someone has found better errata-links as mentioned above, feel free to post a comment.

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