Earthdawn 3rd Edition - The Lost Treasures of the Codex Vol. II - Sirriens Bow of Precision

The Lost Treasures of the Codex Vol. II

Yes I am still here blogging about Earthdawn!!

Some time ago the first part of the series “The Lost Treasures of the Codex” was released concerning a place called ‘The Spire of Thaumaturgy’. There you’ll also find an explanation what the ‘Lost Treasures of the Codex’-Series is about. Please keep in mind that the series is based on Earthdawn 3rd Edition rules! And again: you'll find a PDF-file at the bottom of the article.

Well then, the second part of the series presents you a magical item called ‘Sirrien’s Bow of Precision’. The item description comes from Joeri Winkeler and the color images were kindly created and provided by Johannes Bech.

Sirrien's Bow of Precision

Maximum Threads: 2

Spell Defence: 14

Item description

Made primarily out of the same three wood combinations normal Elven Warbows are made from, the pieces of wood themselves create the symbols for True Air and True Fire in Sperethiel. Also in Sperethiel are the runes for Sirrien’s and Sarlindel’s names, inlaid with turquoise near the top.

Sirriens Bow of Precision

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