Earthdawn Legends and Earthdawn 3rd edition framework v1.0 [MapTool] released

Earthdawn MapTool FrameworkEarthdawn 3rd edition framework? MapTool? Well, I heard of MapTool, but never used it and as Telarus released his v1.0 for use with the latest Earthdawn 3rd edition, I was irritated until I had a look at it. MapTool is a powerful program which shouldn’t be misunderstood for just using it for maps or virtual desktops. I guess the description of the programmers says it best:

MapTool. A virtual tabletop that allows you to connect and play over the internet or automate your battlemap in a face to face game. Drawing maps, importing images, maps with light and vision, dice rolling, and automation are just a few of the features in this extremely easy to use virtual tabletop.

Telarus’ work includes a character creation option for Earthdawn characters and additionally all the power that comes with MapTool anyway. Telarus opened up a thread on the RedBrick forum, to inform (a lot of informational links await you there), offer guidelines and discuss his work.

ArchiveCoverEarthdawn Legends! This is the latest release of Drucifer who already made five issues of his Tableau Infractus, but this time he re-released the Earthdawn Legends written by Alan Varney and Don Webb with a new design. The Earthdawn Legends itself exist for some time now and contains several legends told by the various races of Barsaive. With the new design and the PDF format it will stay online for sure, which is also Dru’s intention for re-releasing the Legends. To prevent documents from disappearing from the web he opened up an archive, where he’ll add further documents. So where do you get all the “new” stuff from. There shall be several sources of course: First: Dru’s upload, second: archive at 4shared, third: my mirror

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