Chronicles of Barsaive released

ArchiveCover2Lately Drucifer opened up the Tableau Infractus Archive with the intention to prevent Earthdawn content from disappearing from the net. The first release was the Earthdawn Legends book. The newest release is the Chronicles of Barsaive PDF (Mirror). The original comes from David Schibeci (Wanderer’s Rest) and with the re-release of Dru, the book has now a new design.

So what are the Chronicles of Barsaive about?

The Chronicles of Barsaive is a series of stand alone adventures. Each adventure details a race or region. When the adventures are interlinked they form an exploration of Barsaive. Each adventure is intended for three to six characters of first to third circle.

The adventures were written for the 1st Earthdawn edition, so NPCs have 1st edition stats.

Additionally: “Pour mes cher amis fran├žais l'original est aussi disponible en fran├žais.” Regardez ici!

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