Earthdawn Character Editor for MAC

There are various character editors for Windows out there. But the growing company that bit the apple has spread its disease known as Mac OS, or something like that, more and more into our world. On this OS most character generators won’t work. Ok, ok, ok no more Apple bashing here, please. So for all those who want to create and edit Earthdawn characters on a MAC can now use the Earthdawn Character Editor 0.1 Alpha (you know what Alpha may cause). The small program was written by Holger von Rhein aka lortas. It is an early Alpha version and was published yesterday, it’s java-based and written for Earthdawn Third Edition.

For a detailed description and some screenshots head over to Softpedia, where you can also download the latest version of the program. Unfortunately for you, I am not an Apple fanboy and so I can’t provide any further information on the usability nor the detailed functions of this program. I would appreciate comments on that topic.

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  1. thalion says:


    It's not for Mac only. Written in Java, so you can run this on your WinPC if you have Java runtime on it. I tried it on my winXP PC and it looks okay.

    and you can also download it from sourceforge.

    Anonymous says:


    nice to read that there are people who have interest on my project. :)

    Please consider that it is under construction and written in my spare time.

    But as you might see on the example characters, the toll supports already more features then can be edit by the GUI.

    Beside the export into an pdf, a xsl is under construction to be able to view the character-xml-files directly by the browser.


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