dark shadows of yesterdayWell Mongoose publishing releases almost every month an issue of Signs & Portents wherein they offer free stuff of their RPG systems. We already saw some content for Earthdawn in the issues # 72, # 74 and # 84,  but as I read today on the Earthdawn forum, the newest issue of Signs & Portents # 88 is out. I wouldn’t report about it if there wasn’t a very interesting Earthdawn chapter with an excerpt of the upcoming Cathay books in it. Additional information about the discipline of the Daughter of Heaven are included, one of the 11 new disciplines that come with the release of the Cathay sourcebooks.

But additionally, as the title of this article says, the character stats of the most well known Daughter of Heaven are completely listed. The stats of Su Shen one of the protagonists of the novels Dark Shadows of Yesterday and Immortal Twilight written by Hank Woon can nowhere else be found, as my buddy Sethariel told me, which means that they aren’t included in the Cathay books and can only be found in the freely available #88 at the Signs & Portents archive. Enjoy!


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