Inspired by the latest blog entry of Carsten Damm, RedBrick’s Earthdawn Line Developer, I pick up his words and say: “Images say more than a Thousand Words”


Product Line of ED3 books:

ed3_gamemasters_guide ed3_players_guide Gmscomp Playerscomp kratas Namegivers Misguided Ambitions   fcedawnardanyans ed3_shards_volume_one_220


Preview of upcoming books:


edawnnations1cathay_cover_preview cover_serpent_river


Note that those books don’t appear in chronological order and for Cathay that this is the cover of the formerly planned Classic version of the Cathay book. I guess the new cover will be adjusted to the ED3 cover form.

When I imagine that the first books of the Third edition came out in August 2009 and when I look at what RedBrick did so far and is planning to do, I just can say AWESOME!!! But I am still looking forward to see completely new books as Kratas…… ok primary Cathay…… that weren’t already available as classic version.

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