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Inspired by an article at Stargazer’s world I want to pick up his topic talking about GM’s carrying all the RPG stuff to the game sessions.

He points out: “When you are a player, you probably don't need much material to be able to participate in a roleplaying game. You need a pen, some paper and a couple of dice and you're pretty much set. In most cases you don't need any books, miniatures, etc. because the GM provides these things. But when you are a GM you often have whole bookshelves filled with rulebooks, campaign settings, supplement, miniatures and many more thing, you may or may not need in your game.”

In his article Stargazer offers some tips and solutions for gamemasters that don’t host the gaming session at their home.

But I want to tell and show you how I or we solved the problem of a GM to carry all the Earthdawn books to the gaming session. First there was my old backpack that I “modded” over the years.

It “absorbed” almost all the books I possess, need or could’ve needed for our game. Unfortunately it got wasted and I can’t show you how my old backpack looked like. It contained a lot, but was not that eehhhm “Earthdawnish”.


So last year my players presented me a new backpack for my birthday, which is much more “Earthdawnish”. Have a look.


SDC10039 SDC10048


I have to admit that I don’t carry all the books in it anymore. But when we bought the classic sourcebooks, a lot of the old German books became redundant anyway.

Maybe RedBrick will deliver us some similar products in their shops (1,2) to prevent back pains. Finally I hope that you are a lucky GM that is hosting the session and don’t need to carry around all the books n stuff.

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