Link Advice #6

  • Some Earthdawn wallpapers of the German publisher Games-in-vlg
  • Neat small personality creator
  • Not long ago the deviantArt Earthdawn Gallery opened up. An absolute must.
  • How D&D or RPG’s in general can influence writers
  • offers various floor plans of taverns, dungeons and whole buildings
  • The Greek mythology can serve as one of the biggest saga, heroes and creatures resource for writers and roleplayers. One of the better resources on the web is Check it out if you need inspiration or just want to inform you about the Greek mythology.
  • Although Q-workshop still didn’t release the Earthdawn Astral Dice, they released their nice-to-watch catalogue for the first quarter of 2010 (yes I am late, but have a look at it)
  • Want to have an original Earthdawn Print? At Tony Szczudlo deviantArt page you can order two (1,2) of his original Earthdawn publications.
  • This link was already mentioned in another Link Advice but I have to recommend it again. Create you own Hexagonal PDF files for your Earthdawn Third Edition battle maps with Hexagonal Graph Paper PDF Generator

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