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Love the Hexagonal Generator. Just the thing I was looking for. Thanks!

I wondered where I could get or built hex maps, to use the new hex system. After a long search "mission accomplished"!

That's what the Link Advice was made for. Provide useful stuff.

I've been meaning to put together a "play ED3 with minis for cheap" post for the forums (selfmade paper minis, selfmade hex maps) for some time now, but did not get around to it.

Partly because I don't seem to get the right variables for the hex graph generator to produce 1 inch hexes... I only ever get small ones and large ones... (which was useful for an Equinox playtest, though, where I had a largestructure with 1 cm hexes covering an A3-size paper, using playing pieces for boardgames to represent some 20 ninja mooks - that would have been a hard fit on 1 inch hexes with larger minis).

I already wondered why Red Brick didn't publish some hex sheets. But this cheap mini game sound funny, but who paints the paper minis (Kathy, Sade)?

I guess a lot of people find the hex generator very useful, maybe you could post it in the red brick forum.

But I hope you manage to finish your hex graph generator even though, maybe a thread in the forum could gather some support.

Just made my the test about the fantasy writer thing.

I looks like I'm Orson Scott Card.


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