Earthdawn Spell Cards

Yesterday I discovered those Earthdawn Spell Cards on the RedBrick forum. This great fanwork made by Maskhim shows again what the Earthdawn community stands for, from fans for fans.
I got the permission of Maskhim to upload his files. He made two versions of his spellcards with sheets of 2x2 and 3x3 cards on it, but see for yourself.
I just published this post as I received message of Maskhim that he recently added some new landscape spell cards that got a different layout and are more graphical, but again see for yourself. Note all cards are editable!!!

Maskhim just published on the Earthdawn forum his translation of the Earthdawn Spellcards. Now you can download a german and a polish version of the Earthdawn Spellcards!

If you like to use cards in your Earthdawn game, maybe you should have a look at the Combat Cards

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  1. - says:

    They are very nice, though these days I am using a sustain system for earthdawn spells. I can see the appeal of having a set of cards that represent attuned matrix's available, but it does mean alot of swapping especially with shared matrix's.

    Mordom says:

    Hey ho, yes you're absolutely right, I would use them to represent the attuned matrix's, too.

    But I think, if you start using these cards when you create your first circle character can give you a good overview, but I don't want to know how your stack of cards looks like when you're in the 9th circle or so.

    Maskhim says:

    Hi !

    I'm working on the localized german version right now ! :)
    I know these cards can stack up pretty fast in an experienced magic user grimoire, but they are really useful at my table. My players are pleased with that. :D
    Thanks for your feedback and the nice article you wrote about them.

    Anonymous says:

    Hi, i am looking through the spell cards, and first of all, let me say, that they are really great.

    However a little bug report on the german landscape 2x2 card: the upper left and lower left 'Thread number' field are strongly correlated. If one puts a number in one field the same number appears in the other. A bit disturbing. If you have time to fix it, that would be great. My players arent that good with english, so i wanted to translate and give them the cards...

    Mordom says:

    I fixed the german spell cards. Hope you and your players enjoy it.

    Joker says:

    Hey, just tested the german spellcard again, it seems fixed, although the font doesnt seem right, but close enough. Thanks!

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