I already reported about the 10th birthday Birthday Cake of Earthdawn.pl. The competition of their jubilee offers the winners incredible prizes, as I already mentioned also the yet unavailable Astral dice of Q-Workshop. I received some preview pictures of the prizes (thx to Sethariel).




And what do we, as experienced Earthdawn fans, discover immediately? Closer look?




Yes! As the title says, previews of Q-Workshop’s new Astral dice. Closer look?




Unfortunately I can’t offer a review of the dice about their luminosity in the dark. But I guess one day I’ll hold them in my hands and then you’ll get to know more about the dice. Until then you have to live with those preview pictures…… aren’t they pretty? ………Tongue out


Illumination is pretty cool actually, they look very crisp in the dark. Note that these aren't part of the limited edition series (which has a different packaging labelling them as "Astral Dice"). The dice are the same though.

Did the astral dice ever come out as well? I can't seem ot find it anywhere.

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