Want to test Earthdawn Third Edition?

RedBrick Limited released their new Earthdawn Third Edition sourcebooks some weeks ago. This gives a lot of roleplayers the opportunity to enter Earthdawn from anew and being able to stay with one system (no more Living Room Games or Earthdawn Classic version switching).

For all those who never played Earthdawn but want to have a look at it before buying the core rulebooks, RedBrick yesterday released a FREE demo for the Earthdawn Third Edition, called Misguided Ambitions. This demo provides an overview of the world of Earthdawn and it's history, a starting adventure with a cast of character you can play, combat rules and all basic tables you’ll need to play the starting adventure. Misguided Ambitions is available via DrivethruRPG and Rpgnow, as a e-book of 36 pages.

You'll just need "a couple of dice and your friends" to test Earthdawn Third Edition.

Above you see Chorak Bonecracker chief of the Bloodlore moot

5 Response to "Want to test Earthdawn Third Edition?"

  1. arma says:

    No, it's not Chorak who's on the cover. It's the troll from the adventure. You can see that because Chorak doesn't have any arrows sticking in him. ;D

    Mordom says:

    The nastiest, creepiest, bloodiest troll you can imagine -> chorak

    Who cares about arrows when you can bite heads off. :-)

    Sethariel says:

    It's Chorak for sure. He attacked the PCs airship on one of our games. None but the PCs survived. Only because Chorak wanted to have some fun... But it's like with every nasty villain. When they play, the PCs get away :)

    MkaY says:

    I tried it, even wrote about it in my blog. The Misguided Ambitions was enjoyable, a little simple, but most enjoyable still.

    Mordom says:


    the funny thing is, I read your playtest of Misguided Ambitions and I wanted to add it to the next Link Advice. But as you mention it here.

    For all the others: http://bag-o-dice.blogspot.com/2009/10/earthdawn-3rd-edition-playtest.html

    I don't have to mention that players will see spoilers. But nevertheless I enjoyed your playtest.

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