Birthday of

I look at the age of my blog (1,5 years) and I feel like a kid when I see that celebrates his 10 year existence.

But what would be a jubilee without a contest or prizes the fans can win? Yes you guess right, started a competition with incredible prizes for the winners to celebrate their 10th jubilee. The criteria and further info’s about the competition can be found HERE (Google translation).

Unfortunately only polish text’s and work’s will be accepted. But maybe we get to see a translation of the winner, I’ll try to encourage Sethariel to translate one or all the three winning entries. So, if you are from Poland and want to write something for Earthdawn, HERE’s your chance to win some extraordinary stuff, such as 3rd edition sourcebooks and astral dice!

I hope that and all his fans, supporters and responsible persons keep up the great work another 10 years. All the best and congrats again!

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  1. Sethariel says:

    Thank You :)

    About the translations of the winning texts... It's in the competition regulations, all of the winning texts (texts that get prizes) will be translated to English :)

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