First 3rd edition dice roller

Some of you might have seen the discussion on one of my previous entries about dice software. It was Spader who commented that he also made a one-click dice roller. After a few days he contacted me and showed me his dice roller.

ED dice roller screenshot_spader

As you can see the window is kept simple, you just click the step and the dice is “rolled”. But there are some special features of this dice roller, that differ it from others:

  1. It uses the new step system of the Earthdawn 3rd edition (no more D20)
  2. You can add Karma dice to all your rolls with just one click.
  3. It automatically re-rolls maximum dice, as every good dice roller for Earthdawn should do.

So all of you who switched to the new Earthdawn Third Edition should have a look at this dice roller. For those who “keep up the classic flag” or still use the D20 step system, download the old system step.mdb file and replace the existing one in the dice roller folder. Then this dice roller uses the “old” step system. Enjoy and thanks to Spader for this great software.


Spader just updated the dice roller to version 1.3. It now includes the option to switch via right click to the classic or the third edition dice table. The dice roller is now packed in an *.exe file.


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