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Well, when I read an article at Rollenspiel Almanach about a flash based dice generator, I wanted to know if there were some that fit to Earthdawn. Unfortunately most I've found are based on D&D, but they can also be used for Earthdawn.

I have to admit that I really hate this form of rolling dice, actually its not rolling dice, its clicking dice. But I can't judge about the rest of the Earthdawn players out there, so if you need a quick dice roller on you pc, have a look at those programs:

1. This flash based dice generator from goku87 is in my opinion the neatest you can find. It displays the dice that are rolled and doesn't just spit out numbers from its algorithm. This will serve all your needs, you can even select multiple dice to roll. From a D4 to D100.

DiceLite by ~goku87 on deviantART

Another very nice interface is provided by this D&D dice roller that I discovered at wizards.com. But you can't roll multiple dices and even there is no sum result shown. It's available as an online version if you prefer to roll your dice online or as a setup version.

The next I discovered at the downloadsection of dndadventures.com and it has the option to add all rolls together. It's very simple done and not very eyecatching, but it works and provides a quick way to roll your virtual dice.

To use those programs in your Earthdawn campaign one thing is still missing. Being able to roll the maximum result of the dice again. But its only one click away to reach your goal. Another thing that is not included by now is the sound your dice produce when you throw them long and far (waiting, hoping) across the table.

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  1. arma says:

    There's an Earthdawn diceroller that came with the 2nd step character generator. You can enter the step to be rolled directly and can have multiple rolls and sort them.
    It does not display results of individual dice, though, only the end result.

    Anonymous says:

    I made one where you can make a roll with only 1 click.

    It rerolls max dice. It shows the result of every die. You can add karma with one more click.

    It works very well.

    Mordom says:

    Hey ho,

    does you dice roller use all the dice or just one d20 or so?

    Would you share it with the community or tell us where we could find it?

    Got some screenshots of it?

    Spader says:

    It rolls every step dice as they should be.

    Yes, I'd like to share it along with its source. I just don't know where I could post it.

    Mordom says:

    Hey Spader just contact me via email and send me some screenshots. Then I'll try to update this post and add your diceroller.

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