Combat Cards

Earthdawn Combat Cards were made by EDPT and provide a very good way for gamemasters to have a quick overview about creature statistics. But thats not all, the downloadable PDF below provides some blank cards to be filled with your own characters or other NPC's the players encounter in your campaign.

I want to make these Combat Cards package freely available for you all again because EDPT is still offline and I think those cards are a good tool to have an overview about statistics of several enemy's, creatures or NPC's.

Notice that I will delete and redirect this download to EDPT when it is online again.

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  1. Foolx says:

    Hi there!
    Great Item, but there are missing some pieces. I'm already trying to build my own PDF-Formula, but im having great problems.
    Can anyone tell me where this formula was build with?
    I am currently using Adobe Acrobat Pro & LiveCycle, but i can't build those "auto-choice-size of font"
    If anyone knows where it was build, please tell me so i can finish my own Combat Cards!

    Mordom says:

    Hey ho,

    I just had a look at the document and the properties says that it was made with "Acrobat Distiller 6.0". But I can't help you out with your request about the "auto-choice-size of font".

    But maybe someone at can help you out. Or just try to contact one of the authors mentioned in the "credits" of the document.

    By the way, would you provide your self-made PDF-Formula for the community? Would be very nice. Just contact me.

    Greets Mordom

    Foolx says:

    Hi again!

    Well, i had the Item already altered, so i missed the idea of simply contact the People. But i will try to get into contact.
    Also i will try to get my hand onto the Destiller. I already heard of it, but i'm still unsure how to use it. There are some little Secrets around those pdf stuff i have to learn ;)

    At the Moment i use a DOC i build based upon the Combat Cards with back & front to fill in. Works nearly usable for me, but still there is something missing. So i will have to work more onto it. When i get it finished, i will allow others to use it of course!
    So i will send you a copy as soon as it is "finished" ;)

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