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A few days ago I grasped the opportunity to buy earthdawn novels by the sale out "The horrors ate our margins" from Red Brick. As I introduced the new novels "Anaryas Secret" and "The Dark Shadows of Yesterday" some time ago, I decided to buy them via

So my books were produced as softcover by print on demand. "Sure thing" I thought and you should have seen me jumping around when they finally both arrived.


Watch yourself:

The new books. On the left "Dark Shadows of Yesterday" on the right "Anaryas Secret".

On the right "Dark Shadows of Yesterday" and on the left, surprise surprise "Dark Shadows of Yesterday" too.

Hm let's counter-check. On the right "Anaryas Secret" and on the left "Anaryas Secret too.

I have to say that I don't mind at all about that funny mix-up, because I won't sell the books when I read them via ebay or whatever. I was just surprised when I realised that "Anarays Secret" contented "The Dark Shadows of Yesterday" and the other way round. I even didn't contact to tell them about that. I would say I own two unique earthdawn novels!!! Yes.......think positive.....yes.

I guess that this can't happen to you if you buy just one book and don't be deterred to order at, the quality of the books is extraordinary. Its just the way that I had to tell you all what I own now, two mixed-up earthdawn novels and as far as I read them by now they are worth their money.

Note: for all that haven't seen it yet, A NEW QUIZ IS OUT and I hope some of you finally manage to get 10 points at the first try.

3 Response to "Surprise surprise"

  1. Anonymous says:


    You should file a complaint at Lulu, even if you don't intend to get a set of replacements. For Lulu, it's the only way to improve quality--they need to know what went wrong!

    Other than that, have fun reading!



    Tim Jones says:

    I agree with Dammi about reporting the problem - as yet, I haven't heard of anyone else having this problem, so I hope your mixed-up copies are, and will remain, unique!

    Anonymous says:


    We encountered this a couple of times with the core rulebooks. Iguess it happens when the ordered books are similar in size and format--easy to mix up the interiors before binding (hardcovers are always done manually).



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