Throalic coins

A long time ago I discovered a picture of throalic gold, silver and copper coins. I tried to find out who painted those nice coins, but unfortunately I didn't find the webpage anymore, where I downloaded this picture. So if the producer of this picture is out there, please leave a comment or contact me.

The front of the gold coin shows Braza and the back shows a slave with a halo and bursted chains. These coins are often called "Braza" or "Doublesider". I had a look at the EDPC and one-fifth of an ounce is listed there as weight for the gold coin (80 coins to the pound). For european players: one gold piece weights 6.25 g or choose 6 gramm for better calculation.
The silver coin shows on front a portrait of Tav Korelsed and the Council Compact is on its backside, its nicknames are "Tavs" or "Books". The weight of one piece of silver is one quater of an ounce (64 coins to the pound). Again the conversion into the metric system = 7.8 g => 8g.
The copper coin shows on both sides hammer and pickax, they are also called "Hammer" or "Builder". It weights a third of an ounce each. (48 coins to the pound) 10 g in metric system.

I think this is a good tool to show your players, what kind of coins they deal with, when they shake their purse.

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