Dice Games Pt.1

I translated the following report about a dice game from German into English. It was originally posted on the website of Zeitalter der Legenden. All the German readers can find the original German version over HERE.


„From a report of Eran Rockfinch travelling Troubadour and Adventurer“
Merrox, Master of the Hall of Records

Everywhere in Barsaive you’ll always find pubs and taverns where dubious players are gambling for silver and even more. So let me tell you of a game named „Doubling“. It was back then in Jerris, when I was sitting beside the fire and was watching two adventurers, playing dices at a small table. One of them was an ordinary human, which clothes had seen better days. The other player was a dwarf, kinda tall for its race.

Each of them threw one dice, the human starting first. He was the „Caller“, how I found out later, whereas his bearded companion had the role of the „Doubler“.

The „Caller“ throws first and then the „Doubler“ has to throw the same number like the „Caller“. He has as many attempts like the number of the „Caller“ showed.
Example: The dwarf has thrown a 3, so the human has three attempts to throw a 3 too.

Is the „Doubling“ successful, the „Doubler“ receives the stake and the roles are switched. If the „Doubler“ is not successful, the pool goes to the „Caller“ who also starts again.

That was the way those two were playing a while, their bets varied each round and the dwarf had to take out silver pieces several times. The stack of the human was growing and growing.

They recognized my interest and the silent human offered me a seat to join them. He told me that „Doubling“ can also be played in groups. I wanted to decline the offer as I thought of being short of cash, but it could also become more than less. So I joined them.

The rules for multiple players are extended. If two or more players are able to „Double“, then the player with the fewest attempts wins. Is this amount also the same, the stack stays in the pot and a new round starts.

After a few hours of playing I can dissuade everybody from playing „Doubling“. I lost my whole travel silver, the dices didn’t want to role my way. Perhaps it was the table that always shook when the silent human was „Calling“ and throwing a 1. Unfortunately I realized that the next day........

„Little dice bring good luck and get fast my silver back!“
Wibbles Windling Troubadour

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