Dice Games Pt.2

Shock, an Orc dice game.

„The second and maybe the last report of Eran Rockfinch has reached the library“
Merrox, Master of the Hall of Records

Kret’chog Steelthought Orc Cavalryman, winning the game.

I am proud to present the library another dice game, mostly played by Orcs.

I was travelling with a caravan to Travar. The merchant that traded with herbs, had payed three Orc soldiers to protect his goods. Every evening at the camp fire, those three soldiers started to play dices until all members of the caravan went to sleep and they started their guard.

One evening I ate near them to watch what kind of dice game they played. Suddenly one of them (Koltrag Stonetooth) recognized me, jumped up immediately and started to shout at me. I am able to understand their language and replied him that I am surely not the source for Kret’chogs luck. But Koltrag didn’t believe me, so I had to eat alone this evening.

The next evening I started to tell the children one of the most famous Orc stories. Kret’chog Steelthought suddenly screamed that I should speak up, so that he also could listen to my story while playing their game. This evening I told a lot orcish stories and sang one song for the children when they had to go to sleep. I also went to sleep and heard that the soldiers began their surveillance.

The following evenings I was able to convince Koltrag that I can’t bring luck to Kret’chog and so they allowed me to sing a few songs beside them, watching them play.

Finally I learned the rules of the game called „Shock“ and now let me tell you how it is played by most Orcs:

The game is divided in two rounds. In the prelude 13 coins or stones or whatever is used will be spread at the losing players from a pot. In the final round all the stones or coins have to be played at one person, the loser.

Three dices are used and the player to start has three attempts to roll the dices. All the other players after him are allowed to throw the dices as often as the beginner did. The starter is free to choose how often he rolls the dices and even which dices he rolls again.

At the end of the round the player with the worst result receives a number of coins from the pot as given by the result table (see below). The one who lost the round will start the next round.

When all the coins are given out after several rounds, the final starts. The difference between the prelude and the final is the spread of the coins. The player with the best result is allowed to give the player with the worst result coins. How many see below. If you run out of coins you’re out of the final and can’t loose any more. The loser will be the person that received all the coins at the end. There are no winners, only a loser.

I had to watch two evenings until all the results appeared and their value had been mentioned.

There exist four kinds of results:

Shocks: two aces and another number
Thundras: three times the same number
Pathes: three numbers in a row: 3,4,5 and so on
Everything else that is no Shock, Thundra nor Path is seen as the number it represents. For example you throw 6,1,3 it counted as a 631. The highest number represents hundred, second highest tenner and third ones.

The number of coins that every result represents:

Shocks: for shocks the third number decides how many coins you’ll receive or you’ll get rid of.
Shock and two: 1, 1, 2 -> two coins
Shock and three: 1, 1, 3 -> three coins
Shock and four: 1, 1, 4 -> four coins
Shock and five: 1, 1 5 -> five coins
Shock and six: 1, 1, 6 -> six coins

All Thundras represent three coins

All Pathes represent two coins

If a player wins with something else than the results mentioned one coin is moved.

Shock out

If you throw a 1, 1, 1 all your coins will be removed and you can’t loose anymore. If you throw the Shock out at the prelude all the remaining coins will be given to the loser of the actual round.

Special rules

Kretchog told me that there exist special rules that are used by some orcs, that play this game, they (Kretchog, Koltrag and Muron) also use them. If you throw two 6, you’re allowed to turn one of them into a 1, but you’ll have to roll the other 6 again. If you throw three 6, you can turn two of them into 1 but the third must be rolled again. That means if you throw three 6ers with your third try you’re not allowed to turn them into one because you can’t roll the third any more.

I’ll give you an example of a round we played:

Kretchog, Koltrag and me played, Muron was watching the camp.
Kretchog starts and rolls 6,5,2. He says its enough and passes the dices to me. I throw 3,4,5 and laugh, that means I’ll get rid of my last two coins with the Thundra. Koltrag has also one try to throw over my Thundra. He rolls and shouts Shoock 4, damn it. I see 1, 1, 4 with one throw! Koltrag gives Kretchog four coins and has one left. I got two left and Kretchog has 10 coins.

Next round Kretchog starts again he rolls three times and at the end he has a Shock 3. Koltrag who lost this round receives 3 coins.

Koltrag starts and throws first 6,5,2. He puts the 2 and the 5 back. Rolls again and has a 6 and a 1. For his third throw he takes one 6 back and rolls with full risk. The dice shows a 1 and Koltrag screams SHOOOCK 6. I see 1, 1, 6. Damn that Orc.

I start, at the end of my third throw I see Shock 6, not enough. Kretchog told me one evening, that „WIT(h) is SHIT“.

Kretchog's turn, he throws at his first throw 6, 6 , 3. He turns one of the two 6 into 1 and rolls the six and the three again. 1, 4.... Shock 4 not enough, but one throw left. He rolls long and serious, mumbles into his beard and rolls the dice.......................
SHOOOOOOOCK OUT (1, 1, 1)...............................................then Murons head landed in the camp fire.......................

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