Atlas of Barsaive

"Telarus" has made an Atlas of Barsaive and finally posted it at the Red Brick Earthdawn Forum. To spread it I contacted him and got his permission to do so. So here's this great fanwork from Telarus:

Some places are missing on this map, but as soon as Telarus publishes an update of his map, I'll let you all know.

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  1. New version of the Atlas is up and live (same download link, so the above image will get you the most recent one).

    Details about update are here:

    Hey guys... getting ready to play the living Earthdawn games at gen con - excited about that! Issue with this link (and others on the site) get the following "The public file you are trying to download is associated with a non-valid account. Please contact the owner for further assistance."

    Thanks for pointing out the broken link. Fixed it! All ADrive links are down cause ADrive closed.
    Maybe you should have a look at the 'Enhanced Atlas of Barsaive' @

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